-- About LGOAA --

Let's Go On An Adventure (LGOAA) is a video game-inspired 'choose your own adventure' style webcomic that takes place in a contemporary fantasy world. It's a goofy reader-driven adventure series with a rich lore and incredibly deep story that is probably happening offscreen or something.

-- Frequently Asked Questions --

How do you decide when a character's adventure will end?

This comic was created on, and still lives primarily on, an internet forum. Because each of the adventurerers was limited to one thread with a limited post-count, and the readers of those adventures posted their choices in that thread as well, there was a hard limit on the amount of updates each hero got. Another consequence of this was that, in addition to it being hard to plan out a story ahead of time based on reader choice, I never knew exactly how many more updates I would have to wrap up the story so I had to get a little creative at a for the endings of a couple of them

How did this website just suddenly appear with a billion updates?

The answer to this question is related the previous one. For the first three adventures, and the majority of the fourth one, this comic was only viewable on the secret forum it was created on. At a certain point, I got tired of telling people that I draw a comic but having no way to show it to them, so I created this website for it, and populated the archives with all of my posts from the original threads.

How can I participate?

If you'd like to participate in the adventures, head on over to: the adventure thread zone and post in the thread!